Nyalore Impact

Nyalore Impact Ltd


Nyalore Impact has helped install renewable energy solutions in over 500 households and businesses in underserved communities.


Our solutions have reduced carbon emissions by over 1,000 tons per year​

The ultimate impact


Nyalore Impact has saved customers over $10,000 in energy costs


Nyalore Impact has created over 50 jobs in local communities and provided training and education to hundreds of people.

Here the stories from people we have impacted

Affordable enerrgy efficient appliances
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What We Do

Our Commitment to Solutions

Electrical Revolution Solutions

By promoting and developing the distribution network for energy-efficient, safe, and ecologically friendly electrical appliances, we enable energy partner (Renewvia) to profitably electrify their operations, whether they are off-grid or on.

Affordability Solutions

We make energy-efficient appliances affordable by partnering with financial institutions, offering installment payment choices, and implementing the PAY Go approach. This helps low-income households and small businesses overcome the upfront cost barrier.

Community Engagement

We offer practical advice on the use and maintenance of our products, as well as healthy cooking techniques, through our community education and training programs. We collaborate with local sales reps and last-mile distributors to provide unparalleled after-sales services and customer care, resulting in a broad reach and influence.

Nyalore has contibuted to

Affordable enerrgy efficient appliances

Environmental Sustainability

Economic Growth

Social Impact

Employment Opportunities