The Energy Enterprise Coach (EEC) spotlights Nyalore Impact Limited …

The Energy Enterprise Coach (EEC)

Renewable Energy Trailblazer.

The Energy Enterprise Coach (EEC) proudly spotlights Kenya’s Nyalore Impact Limited as a trailblazer in the renewable energy sector.

With the knowledge and tools acquired through the EEC program, Nyalore Impact is continuously pushing boundaries, thriving and innovating.

“Our organization has undergone a remarkable transition because of our participation in the EEC program, as evidenced by a series of our significant achievements. The addition of fresh expertise and skills acquired through the group trainings and E-Learning courses has provided our staff with the capacity to navigate obstacles with ease, resulting in significant improvements in many aspects of our operations”, said Dorothy the Founder and CEO of Nyalore Impact Ltd.

The EEC is delighted to support Nyalore Impact Ltd as they boldly work towards having a world where everyone cooks in dignity.

Join us in witnessing how Nyalore Impact and other EEC SMEs are shaping the future of clean energy!

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